July 25, 2014

Founders Gallery

Photo credit: berlino from morguefile.com

The Golden Age of Trucking Museum’s Founders Gallery is very pleased to present its next exhibit, “Tractor Mac’s Big Tread Tour”.

Author and illustrator, Billy Steers, that day signed copies of his “Tractor Mac” series books. He unveiled his new book “Tractor Mac Saves Christmas”. All of Billy’s books will be available for purchase in the museum gift shop. Billy is an author, illustrator and pilot. In addition to the Tractor Mac series he has worked on over forty other children’s books. He grew up on a farm in Roxbury, Connecticut where he had horses and sheep. He is married with three sons and still lives in Roxbury.

The drawing was presented to The Golden Age of Trucking Museum by artist Luke Durgin Paliocha. The fourteen year old from Newry, Maine based the drawing on his own International Delivery Truck which is believed to be a 1947. Luke is passionate about antique vehicles. He draws them and collects antique toy versions.


The Golden Age of Trucking Museum was the brainchild of the late Richard J. Guerrera, Sr. of Middlebury, CT. Mr. Guerrera was a successful businessman and truck historian. He was the owner and president of R.J. Guerrera Inc. a liquid transportation company that was located in Naugatuck, CT and was owned and operated by the family for thirty five years before being sold in 2003. He started his business owning one truck and then grew the business through hard work, dedication and the support of his family to include a fleet of trucks located throughout New England.

Over the years Mr. Guerrera developed a passion for vintage trucks, especially those from the 1950′s era. As his trucking company grew he was able to start a collection of antiques.  As with his transportation company one grew to many and his collection became one of a kind. Anyone who had the pleasure to meet and know Mr. Guerrera felt his passion for trucks as well as for the transportation industry immediately. He restored all of his vintage trucks to pristine condition and would proudly show them at truck shows and exhibits across the country.

In 1998, Richard Guerrera formed a nonprofit organization called, The Golden Age of Trucking Museum. He appointed a Board of Directors and the search for a home for the collection began. Mr. Guerrera, remembering his roots, dreamed of opening a museum to house his collection in Middlebury, CT. He purchased the property on Southford Road and began the process of planning his museum.

The museum is currently home to over 40 antique vehicles and two antique boats. There is an extensive display of license plates and toys, along with photographs and memorabilia. The Golden Age of Trucking Museum prides itself on being a location for old and young alike … we have a children’s area “Interactive Interstate” with books, puzzles, computers, ride-on toys, blocks, easels and games – a media room “Media on West Main where a movie titled Moving History is shown, “Library :Lane” where guests can relax and read transportation related books, magazines and periodicals, a gift shop featuring Lang cards and candles, books, Burt’s Bees, toys and clothing and novelties with the museum logo, “Founders Gallery”, with an art exhibit, which is available for rentals and an indoor “Picnic area” where we provide complimentary refreshments for our visitors. Guests are invited to bring a lunch to enjoy. Museum hours are Thursday through Saturday 10am to 4pm and Sunday 12pm to 4pm. During July & August, we will be open Tuesday 10:00am – 8:00pm and Wednesday 10am – 4pm. We are available Mondays through Wednesdays as well, for school groups, bus tours and private or business functions.


About the Golden Age of Trucking Museum

he Golden Age of Trucking Museum is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1998 by the late Richard Guerrera of Middlebury, Connecticut. Mr. Guerrera purchased the property shortly after, but passed away before any construction had begun.  His widow, Frances Guerrera, followed through on his dream by building the museum and a ribbon cutting was held in September of 2002.

The Guerrera antiques will remain a part of the museum forever. Other displays in the museum are on loan to the museum for one year and are then rotated out so that the exhibits will continue to be new and exciting.

The museum has a display of Crosley cars and collectibles shown in Memory Lane. “Moving History”, a movie about moving the Edaville Railroad from Carver, MA to Portland, ME is shown in Media on West Main. The movie is approximately 35 minutes long, and is shown on request.

Our Founders Gallery is currently displaying, “Trucks and More” featuring watercolors by artist Howard W. Shoemaker from Guilford, CT. Do not forget to see Tractor Mac in the museum too! We have his story books available in our gift shop or you may read them in the children’s area.

You will find an extensive display of antique trucks in the showroom ranging from the early 1900’s until 1974. Mack, GMC, Diamond T, Autocar, White, International, Pierce Arrow, Republic, Jeep, Dodge, and others are all represented in the display.

There are also stock cars from the now closed Danbury Race Arena.

The museum is proud to be displaying three vehicles that were Made in Connecticut; a Locomobile, a Trumbull and a Barker.

Library Lane is a comfortable reading area for our adult visitors.

Interactive Interstate is a children’s area where we have computers, books, puzzles, games, blocks, easels, ride-on toys… There is Volvo cut-away tractor where the children and adults can get into and pretend to be driving. It is a great photo opportunity! There are wiggle cars that the children may ride in the far corner of the museum. They must stay in that area. You may get in to the Fire Truck from the passengers side, but do not open or use the driver’s side door.

Be sure to stop at Waramaug Way to see the antique boats and vanity license plates and help yourself to complimentary refreshments. Please keep your refreshments in the picnic area. You are welcome to bring a lunch to enjoy.

Our volunteers are always happy to open a door or lift a hood for you to check out a vehicle, but we ask that you do not touch the displays.

We have memberships available and will apply today’s admission to that if you join today! Just inquire at the office.

Thank you for your patronage, enjoy your visit, please sign our guest book and tell your friends about us!

We ask that you do not touch the trucks, boats or displays. Do not open any doors. If you need assistance please ask a volunteer or at the office. The play area is for the children to enjoy, but we ask that you supervise your children and do not leave them unattended. Please return all games, toys, puzzles, books, blocks… to their places. Thank you!

Museums typically look for liability insurance for people going to museums. Not all museums have liability insurance, you can get your own, call your local/online insurance agent. Find out more about antique trucks at the Antique Truck Club of America and more about antique boats at the Antique and Classic Boat Society websites.

List of Trucks

The Golden Age of Trucking Museum houses over forty antique vehicles.

Eighteen antique trucks and two antique boats belonged to the museum founder, the late, Richard Guerrera of Middlebury, CT. Mr. Guerrera’s collection has a  permanent place in the museum.

In addition, there are vehicles on display, which are owned by various people from around the country. These vehicles will be at home in the museum for at least one year. When a vehicle reaches its one year anniversary at the museum it will then be replaced with a “new” antique. With each vehicle is a story about its journey to becoming a display piece at The Golden Age of Trucking Museum.